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Everything you wanted to know about comfort

Do you have a question and can’t find an answer?

01#Which elevator best suits my needs?

Taamal Mizra of the Electra Group has a variety of home elevator solutions to offer. One of our representatives would be happy to meet with you in your home,
to present the options that are best suited to you.
Taamal Mizra of the Electra Group has vast experience in home elevators.

02#I am not a technical person. What information do I need for purchasing and installing a home lift?

You do not need any prior technical knowledge.
Taamal Mizra of the Electra Group will assist you with all technical and other aspects,
from consultancy through purchase to installation.

03#How can I be sure the company I choose is reliable and trustworthy?

Prior to purchasing the lift, you should ensure that the company:

  • is well known and has strong financial backing
  • is known for its quality products and can provide customer recommendations
  • has received a certification of standard from the Standards Institution of Israel
  • has a professional customer service department with more than just a few technicians
  • will still be supplying spare parts in years to come

04#Where are Taamal lifts manufactured?

All Taamal Mizra lifts of the Electra Group are manufactured in Israel, ensuring readily-available spare parts,
as well as a local engineering department that is highly familiar with each and every product.

05#What should I be wary of when purchasing a lift?

Acquiring a lift is an expensive, long-term purchase, so be sure to check that the company who sells you the lift:

  • is financially sound
  • will also be installing the lift
  • has received a certification of standard from the Standards Institution of Israel
  • offers country-wide service, 24/7
  • is able to provide spare parts and perform maintenance and repair works

06#Is the lift guaranteed?

Taamal Mizra of the Electra Group offers a 5-year guarantee for home elevators. As part of this commitment, the company makes periodic checks 2-4 times a year (depending on the type of device), and performs repairs and changes spare parts as required.
Our customer service department offers service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

07#Can a lift be installed in a residential home?

Taamal Mizra of the Electra Group has a team of highly experienced engineers and consultants who would be happy to offer you a variety of solutions for your house.
Please contact us and we would be happy to arrange a meeting, free-of-charge.

08#How much electricity does a home lift use?

A Taamal Mizra elevator of the Electra Group only uses 20 amps and only requires
a regular single phase home plug.

09#If I get stuck in the lift in the middle of the night, will I receive assistance?

Taamal Mizra of the Electra Group is happy to offer assistance any time of day or night, but in any case – if you do get stuck in a Taamal Mizra lift, you will be able to let yourself out easily, without our help.
We will explain how.

10#What maintenance is required for a home lift, and how often?

A home elevator is a means of transportation and as such, requires some maintenance. Servicing and maintenance must be performed on time and by a professionally trained technician. We recommend 2-4 annual checks, depending on the frequency the lift is used.
Taamal Mizra of the Electra Group has a highly professional and skilled team of service providers throughout Israel. Our technicians often save customers money by detecting faults ahead of time.

11#Does an initial meeting with a sales representative cost money?

An initial meeting with a Taamal representative is free of charge and you are not obliged to purchase a lift from us. Following this meeting, Taamal Mizra of the Electra Group will send you a proposal.

12#How safe are the accessibility products manufactured by Taamal Mizra of the Electra Group?

All accessibility products produced and installed by Taamal Mizra of the Electra Group are safety guaranteed and comply with strict Israeli and European safety standards and regulations. 

13#Are there government subsidies for installing a lift?

Sometimes, but not always.
The Israel Ministry of Health, the Israel Ministry of Defense and the National Insurance Institute of Israel do sometimes, but not always, assist with the cost of installing a home accessibility device.
Customers should check this issue with each of these above mentioned parties.

14#What are the different types of home lifts?

There are four types of home lifts:

  • Home Lift – can be installed in homes
  • Stairlift – can be used by a single person at any one time, for going up or down the stairs
  • Platform Lift – for safely carrying a person in a wheelchair. Installed on stairs, or on an inside or outside wall
  • Shaftless Home Lift – for up to 4 meters height in a residential house or 2 meters in a public building (as per safety regulations)

15#Will a stairlift block the stairs?

No, the lift is installed on a rail that is attached to the floor and the chair can be folded away when not in use, allowing others to safely use the stairs.
We would be happy to show you homes that have already installed the Taamal stairlift.

16#Does a stairlift suit any type of stairs?

A professional will visit your home and offer you a variety of stairlifts that suit your specific requirements.

17#Can the stairlift be locked and made childproof?


18#Can a shaftless home lift be installed outside the house?

Yes, if the elevator cannot be installed inside the house.