TAMMAL לדף הבית
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Residential Elevator (Home Lift)

Safe, reliable and easy to use, the Taamal home lift is an ideal solution for private houses, 2-storey apartments, penthouses and small apartment buildings.

Taamal elevators are designed and manufactured to fit your home perfectly – with the exact dimensions, design and finish.

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Taamal home elevators can be installed in houses or small apartment buildings.
Made in Israel, our hydraulic home lifts do not require a machine room.
Elevators are designed to fit 4 people comfortably (rated capacity 300-450 kgs),
or alternatively carry a person in a wheelchair and a companion.

Taamal home elevators can be installed either inside or outside the building, and with a variety of surface finishes,
including parquet, formica, glass and even matching floor tiles.

Taamal elevators comply with the necessary standards and safety requirements and easily turn any building into an accessible one.

A highly professional and experienced project manager is assigned to each project, from planning and design to installation.
Customer service is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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