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Developing and Manufacturing Home Elevators

Enter, press... and elevate your standard of living

Established in 1956, Taamal Mizra of the Electra Group has vast experience in providing accessibility solutions for private and public homes, buildings and institutions, and is a market leader.
In 2010, 75% of the company was acquired by Electra Ltd.

The company manufactures a variety of home lifts that fully comply with Israeli manufacturing and safety standards and regulations.

Taamal Mizra of the Electra Group represents a number of leading European accessibility equipment manufacturers in Israel.

The company has a strong reputation of reliability and trust due to its dedication, innovation and flexibility towards its customers, and has recently upgraded its products to offer customers luxury designs.
Working together with accessibility experts and architects, Taamal Mizra of the Electra Group aims at providing its customers with the best possible solutions at all times.

Taamal Mizra of the Electra Group provides fast, professional service throughout Israel.

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Moshe Revach
Sales and Marketing VP


Tamaal Mizra
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